“Au bout du Jardin”

Fabrica vs corona, 2020︎︎︎

Readers picks #272

Fisheye Magazine, 2020︎

Instagram selection #207

Fisheye Magazine, 2019︎

“Hidden City”

Ignant, 2017︎ 

I am Alper Goldenberg, a French and Turkish national who has lived in Istanbul and Paris, currently living in the UK. I did a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Art History in Paris, followed by a master in Graphic Branding & Identity in London that I have recently completed.

I am looking for correspondences between things. I think there are similarities between entities in our world; My endeavour is to make visible the in-between and reveal these connections. “The eye does not see things but images of things that mean other things” this line from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities expresses well what I am trying to communicate with my work. I want to show the fact that there is a part of us in every place we go. I discover myself as I discover places through the viewfinder. I collect moments from my journeys and arrange them to construct visual poems.



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